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Alpha Home Inspections is a Canadian Company

What Our Clients Say

Jeanette W.

"Terry was very professional and extremely thorough in answering any question we had. He helped educate us on the Heating, Plumbing, and structural workings of our new home. We know our new home better than our old one. The book is great!."

Keith T.

"Thoroughness, good suggestions and informative literature."

Ken P.

"I like having detailed itemized points of areas that need attention and ideas on how to correct any problems. This makes it easy to give priorities based on severity and complexity."

Dave H.

"Excellent telephone communication."

Randy and Darlene L.

"Accommodating, much appreciated, highly recommended."

Steve H.

"Very thorough."

Jason T.

"Was very helpful. Learned a lot."

Vaughn F.

"Very Complete and very helpful. Very prompt."

Heather W.

"The inspector was nice, helpful and responded quickly to our request."

Linda C.

"I appreciated the time he took to explain things to me."

Tammy and Jim P.

"It was very thorough. Time was taken to look at everything."

Heather G.

"Very detailed, Thanks for the detailed binder full of useful information."

Paul S.

"Incredible detail - much more than expected. Not just an inspection but much material for basic home maintenance."

Marion A.

"We received value for money spent. My daughter chose your company from the names supplied by the realtor."

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