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CAN-AM Home Inspection Services
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CAN-AM Home Inspection Services
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Subject to Inspection?

Welcome! We are the Home Inspection company who offers the most detailed inspection report in the industry (with optional Inspection Plus guaranteed inspections), free post-inspection phone consultation concerning the report, and service!

We assist buyers, sellers and owners in obtaining the necessary information to evaluate the present conditions of their property. An inspection of any kind of property works to your advantage, so please explore the materials here and then contact our office to schedule an inspection.

Types of Inspections

We offer a varied format of inspections all of which are compiled into a three-ringed binder and presented to you at the conclusion of the inspection process. We are usually able to accommodate most inspections within 24 hours. Our inspectors will offer an independent objective visual evaluation of the systems and components of the home and presented to you in easily understood language for your fuller understanding of the subject property before you make that all important buying decision.

Pre-purchase Inspection. This is our most popular format. This is the inspection where the prospective purchaser has a conditional offer to purchase with a subject to inspection clause. This is arranged between the selling agent and the listing agent as to the date and time.

Pre-listing Inspection. This is proving to be popular also. This is the inspection where the homeowner wishes to have an independent evaluation conducted to assess the state and condition to the systems and components of their home prior to offering the home for sale. There maybe some things unnoticed that the inspection sees.

Pre-delivery Inspections. This is the new format where the newly constructed home that is either custom built or built for the open market has not been lived in. There are very many components and systems being brought together over a 3 to 4 month time period, having the various tradespersons on-site, often under adverse weather conditions and having the structure settle all takes time. Pre-delivery inspections usually take 4 hours to perform.

Re-location Inspections. This is usually the same as the pre-purchase inspection with the addition of having a company employee re-locating to a new community and having the inspection performed before the move is complete.

Modular/Mobile Homes/Light Commercial/Industrial Inspections are also offered. Please contact our office for a quote.

Is a Home Inspection Needed?

The simple answer is yes. Every home has some sort of condition that may not be readily identifiable and needs either replacement or repair. It is to your benefit to have an inspection performed as it may uncover problems that might saved thousands of dollars. As the prospective purchaser, you will learn much about the condition of the property. Our inspection reports on the present condition of the home and we point out both the positive and negative aspects to give you a balanced evaluation on the day of inspection.

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