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Weekly Home Information Guide


1. Wells are typically installed by reputable trades professionals where communal, regional, or municipal systems are unavailable. Ensure that there are no abandoned wells on site and take remedial action if there are. Safety concerns are always first.

2. Well water should be drawn upstream and tested on a regular basis for contaminants.

3. A flow rate of 3 to 5 gallons should be adequate for most rural homes. A draw down test should be considered, if needed, and done by a well expert.

4. Seasonal fluctuations in well water elevations may be due primarily to the previous season’s snow pack, other near-by wells, lack of rain, or seasonal rainfalls to name a few.

5. The location of the well pump will vary from site to site and system to system. Be informed by the present owner as to the particular type in use at the present location.

6. All pumps should be serviced annually and pump houses/sheds adequately weather protected and insolated where freezing may be encountered.

7. Coupled with the pump is the pressure tank. This maintains constant water pressure for the entire plumbing system. This aids in the pump not having to turn on every time a tap is turned on. The usual pressure is 30 to 60 psi. The primary concern here is that the tank may become waterlogged. Consult a qualified tradesperson for servicing.

8. Common problems with pumps include no power, it is frozen, seized, burnt out, faulty pressure switch, worn bearings, tank is waterlogged, leaks in the piping or poor alignment. There are others.

We recommend qualified tradespeople do all tasks, as they offer quality materials, proper installation requirements and a written guarantee.

Know that, for peace of mind, the care and attention you give your home will serve you well year after year and in comfort.