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Heating with wood is as old as man himself. The comfort and utility of wood heat was very familiar to many generations before the advent of other fossil fuels.

Safety is paramount when heating with wood. It requires some very special considerations when used for residential/rural heating.

We shall consider the four main aspects of this system. First, is the appliance itself. It must be a listed product by a governing authority and must be positioned in the room at the proper distance from any combustible surface. Second, it must have the proper pipe material connected to it and correctly positioned to allow all the products of combustion the straightest path to the exterior. Third, the type of fuel to be used. There are many wood species that produce adequate heat but some are better than others. The more dense the wood the higher the BTU value (i.e. hardwood such as maple). Fourth, the governing jurisdiction will be required to inspect all new or upgraded appliances to ensure that all relevant precautions have been adhered to.

Consult the local fire marshal’s office for further information. The home insurer will require a certificate of compliance as well. Adding smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is highly recommended. Consult a W.E.T.T. technician.

Use only well seasoned dry wood and have small fires until you find the comfort level for the home. Remove the ashes in a closed metal container only when they are cold to the touch. We strongly urge to have the chimney professionally inspected and cleaned before first use and at least three or four times during the heating season. All fireplaces should have a proper fitting screen or spark guard.

Owning a home is probably the largest single investment a person may make in their lifetime and to ensure that the home does not prematurely deteriorate the homeowner is urged to have a yearly maintenance schedule. Simple tasks undertaken on a seasonal basis will help prolong the health of the home and its occupants year after year.

We recommend that a chimney mason and/or certified chimney sweep do all tasks as they offer quality materials, proper installation requirements and a written guarantee.

Know that, for peace of mind, the care and attention you give your home will serve you well year after year and in comfort.