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Weekly Home Information Guide


1. Poor surface drainage

This is by far the most frequent problem and is responsible for the most common aggravations. It includes water penetration into the basements, attics and crawlspaces. Sooner or later all basements will leak as will all skylights, roof and wall penetrations.

2. Roof damage

Leaking roofs are ranked second and is mainly caused be worn, damaged, or missing shingles or shakes. Flashing, drainage, and penetrations are other major concerns.

3. Improper electrical wiring

This has been found to be a significant defect. These situations include insufficient service, inadequate overload protection, and amateurish (often dangerous) wiring connections.

4. The heating system

The problem defects include clogged/missing filters, broken or malfunctioning controls, blocked chimneys, lack of annual maintenance, poorly maintained hot/cold air return ducts, and unsafe exhaust disposal.

5. Poor overall home maintenance (lack of maintenance)

This is a real concern with all homeowners. Signs of poor maintenance (exterior/interior) include crumbling masonry, makeshift plumbing/carpentry/wiring and caulking/painting.

6. Structural problems

From the other systems and components these problems tend to develop on structural components. Foundation walls, floor joists, rafters, window/door headers and crawl areas.

7. Plumbing

Plumbing is a lesser priority but still significant. These problems include faulty fixtures, old piping, incompatible materials, faulty waste lines and deteriorated water heaters.

8. Exteriors

Problems here are mostly due to water and air penetration resulting in higher levels of interior moisture. The most common cause is inadequate caulking and/or weather stripping.

9. Poor or no ventilation

Here the homeowner may have “oversealed” their home resulting in excessive moisture. This build-up may lead to rotting and failure on structural and non-structural components.

10. The house has an environmental hazard

Environmental problems are a new and growing area of home defects. They include mould, fungi, mildew, asbestos, old insulation, lead paints, radon and underground oil tanks.