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Weekly Home Information Guide


Safety First! We strongly believe that the following upgrades will give you peace of mind and increase the security of your home.

Improve all exterior lighting. Well-placed lighting unveils the windows and doorways. Lights placed high on building walls or under eaves will light up most areas and be free of all shrubs small/trees etc. Foot lighting installed along sidewalks and the street will help prevent tripping.

Add carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. These two simple and inexpensive life-saving additions to the home will give increased security Hard-wired and battery operated types are equally effective but both must be maintained annually and replaced every five years.

Trim all shrubs, trees, and bushes. This is by far the easiest of all upgrades to perform. By cutting, thinning or removing them your home presents less areas of concealment.

Prevent window break-ins. Sidelights at the front door pose a significant threat to security. Single glazed windows and ground level windows should be double-glazed and can benefit from security bars. All sliding doors should have an effective interior locking device at the top and the bottom. Note: some older models can be lifted out from the exterior.

Re-key door locks, add deadbolts and alarm systems. Consult a security company on how to effectively upgrade these "First Line Defences" that protect you and your home.

Keep the lived-in look. Have a trusted friend pick up mail, open/close curtains, cut grass, water the garden, remove snow, putting the trash to curbside. Also forward phone calls, add timers to the various rooms, park a vehicle in the driveway and have someone occasionally stay overnight.

We recommend qualified tradespersons do all upgrading tasks as they offer quality materials and a written guarantee.

Know that, for peace of mind, the care and attention you give your home will serve you well year after year and in comfort.