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Weekly Home Information Guide


To maintain your home in good repair the following maintenance guide will help keep you and your home warm and cozy this winter.

We have identified eight areas for home maintenance which if heeded will create a happier home in which to live especially during the winter months.

1. The grounds outside

  • check all fences for condition,
  • seal driveway and sidewalk cracks,
  • trim all shrubs and trees away from the home, and
  • check all window wells, dry wells and storm drains.

2. Exterior siding

  • caulk all joints (especially) where they are exposed to the direct rain,
  • check for paint or finish deterioration, and
  • check for any missing/broken/loose siding.

3. Foundation

  • seal any cracks both inside and out,
  • check for good drainage away from the building (and garage), and
  • check for any deterioration of the concrete walls and floor areas.

4. Roof

  • clean all gutters/leaders/downspouts and check their overall conditions,
  • check all flashings for poor seals or lifting,
  • check the soffits for moisture buildup,
  • check for any missing/broken/loose tiles or shingles, and
  • check the general condition of the chimney. Have it cleaned professionally.

5. Doors and windows

  • check the putty on the older style windows,
  • check for paint or finish deterioration,
  • oil all door and window hinges where needed,
  • check for failed seals on the thermo type windows, and
  • replace the summer screens with winter storms.

6. Attic

  • check insulation depth and add more if needed,
  • check ventilation openings for adequate clearances/ nests/blockage,
  • ensure that all kitchen/bathroom fan connections and ducts are secure,
  • check the condition of the ceiling hatch foam tape, and
  • check the operation of the vent and/or the attic fan.

7. Plumbing

  • drain all exterior water lines and open their taps,
  • insulate all water lines that are exposed to freezing and replace if needed,
  • check and clean all sumps both indoors and outdoors, and
  • check the condition of the water heater.

8. Heating and cooling systems

  • have the heating/cooling system checked only by a qualified specialist (safety considerations here),
  • remove or winterize room air conditioners,
  • check the condition and clean the ducting,
  • check and clean/replace the air filters,
  • check and clean all elements of the heating/cooling pumps,
  • test and start the humidifier, check for leaks and overall condition,
  • check and service all radiators and valves, and
  • check and service all pumps, fans, and motors.

Owning a home is probably the largest single investment a person may make in their lifetime and to ensure that the home does not prematurely deteriorate the homeowner is urged to have a yearly maintenance schedule. Simple tasks undertaken on a seasonal basis will help prolong the health of the home and its occupants year after year.

As with all homeowner tasks do them with safety in mind at all times or have a reputable trades person do them for you. With the coming winter season this checklist should help the home weather the storms.

Know that, for peace of mind, the care and attention to your home will serve you well year after year and in comfort.