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Weekly Home Information Guide


1. Early trailer construction qualities vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and site to site and all were subject to minimum building standards. These include minimum wall thickness, single glazed windows, minimum insulation values, minimum area rooms and lax security measures. There are others.

2. As construction techniques improved during the mid-1970s, the quality of these units created a better understanding of this housing type.

3. Modern trailer/mobile/modular homes are built to the strict standards as any modern home as indicated by the manufacturers decals.

4. Trailer roofs should be considered as a non-walking surface. There maybe an installed over the trailer roof system constructed as a free standing post and beam structure that acts much like an umbrella.

5. Trailers typically have no attic areas.

6. All trailers usually have a crawl area where the various services are located as entry/exit points. These services should be adequately weather protected, grounded and insulated.

7. All trailers should have an anchoring system and have proper piers and/or posts in place. These should be in good repair.

8. Most trailers until recently were wired with aluminum. Care should be taken with this type of wiring. Consult a certified electrician for any corrective action.

9. Water/moisture penetration is a concern for older units and is usually found around doors, bathrooms, kitchens, windows and other sidewall penetrations. The use of exterior grade silicon clear or colour is advised where needed.

10. Most trailers have the heating ducts aligned with the support beams for the entire length of the trailer. These should be weather protected.

11. The under floor areas on older models should have the insulation upgraded, have the sub-flooring monitored and all penetrations assessed for their condition on a yearly basis.

12. Older models will have the access to the gas furnace/water heater from a separate exterior door. This should be considered outdated and plans for upgrading undertaken. All gas/oil burning appliances should have a smoke/CO detector in proper working order and replaced every five years.

We recommend qualified tradespeople do all tasks, as they offer quality materials, proper installation requirements and a written guarantee.

Know that for peace of mind, the care and attention to your home will serve you well year after year and in comfort.